Lightning Reflexes

A character with this Talent can act before other characters with higher DEXs. A character with Lightning Reflexes has an increased effective DEX only for the purpose of acting earlier in a Phase. Lightning Reflexes doesn’t affect CV, Figured Characteristics, Skill Rolls, or DEX Rolls (not even DEX Rolls for the purpose of resolving simultaneous or Held Actions). Nor does it change the rate at which a character recovers from Drains and Transfers of DEX.

A character can purchase Lightning Reflexes to affect all of his Actions, or to affect any single Action or maneuver (such as a specific weapon attack, Combat Maneuver, form of movement, or other ability). Each + 2 Lightning Reflexes for all Actions costs 3 Character Points. Each + 1 Lightning Reflexes for a single Action or attack costs 1 Character Point.

When a character uses Lightning Reflexes to increase his effective DEX, he may only execute the specific Action or maneuver he purchased Lightning Reflexes for. For example, if a character has + 4 Lightning Reflexes that only work with his Defensive Strike, he may only use his Defensive Strike (no movement, acrobatics, or other Actions) in a Phase when he uses the + 4 effective DEX.

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Lightning Reflexes

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