As Aslani are to great cats, Lupinals are to wolves, hunting dogs, and other large canines. Shaggy fur covers their bodies, and fangs fill their mouths; sometimes they have claws on their fingers as well.

Lupinals tend to live in small tribes in wilderness areas, with the largest, strongest, or most clever member of the tribe acting as its chieftain. But they’re often gregarious, even friendly, and mingle easily with other races at cities, trading posts, and meeting-places.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
5 + 5 Strength
6 + 3 Constitution
6 + 3 Body
4 + 2" Running
2 + 2" Leaping
5 Nightvision
6 + 2 PER with Smell/Taste Group
5 Tracking Sense Modifier on Smell/Taste
10 Fangs: ½d6 HKA (up to 1d6 +1 HKA With Strength)
- 10 Distinctive Feature: Lupinal (Concealable with Effort, Noticed and Recognised)
- 6 -3 Ego
33 Total Cost of Package


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