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The foundation of Atlantis’s power in the world is its magic. Long ago the gods revealed special arcane secrets to the Atlanteans, and so Atlantean mages have become the most powerful in the world, and magic a fundamental part of Atlantean society. Even the most ordinary Atlantean housewife knows a cantrip or two to heat water and make her chores easier… and accomplished Atlantean wizards can literally reduce mountains to dust, stop entire armies in their tracks, and defeat the most terrifying demons.

Basics of Atlantean Magic
Atlantean Magic in Game Terms
Lesser Atlantean Magic
Greater Atlantean Magic
Using Atlantean Spells
Endurance and Greater Powers
Restrictions on Atlantean Magic
Orichalcum in Game Terms

Atlantean Spells
Lemurian Magic
Kaphtoran Magic
Tellat Magic
Dushaanian Magic
Hazarian Magic
Parindan Magic
Serpent-Man Sorcery
Divine Magic


Atlantean Items
Lemurian Items

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Magic Section

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