Also known as a sailor (or when criminally inclined, a corsair or pirate), a mariner is a person who makes his living working on boats and ships. He knows how to sail a ship (including working the sails and rigging, tying knots, and so forth), how to navigate on the water, and even how to fight off boarders.

Cost Ability
1 Swimming + 1”
3 Climbing
2 Navigation (Marine)
2 PS: Knot-Tying 11 -
3 PS: Sailing (INT) or Combat Sailing
3 WF: Common Melee Weapons, Nets
4 TF (4 points’ worth related to watercraft)
3 3 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Acrobatics, Acting, Animal Handler, Bureaucratics, Concealment, Conversation, Gambling, Oratory, Persuasion, PS: Predict Weather, Seduction, Stealth, Streetwise, Trading, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill

Total Cost Of Package: 21

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