Merchants are the businessmen of the Fantasy world. They range from fast-talking shopkeepers to bold caravan leaders and sea captains who journey across wastelands and forbidding seas to reach important markets. Regardless of what they trade and how, all merchants have one thing in common: a desire for profit.

Cost Ability
3 Bribery
3 Persuasion
3 PS: Merchant (INT)
5 PS: Appraising (INT + 2)
7 Trading +2
6 6 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Acting, Animal Handler, Bureaucratics, Concealment, Conversation, Forgery, Gambling, Courtier, Navigation, Oratory, PS: Sailing, Riding, Seduction, Streetwise, Survival, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill

Total Cost Of Package: 27


Cost Option
+ 5 Prosperous Merchant: Add Money (5 points)
+ 10 Wealthy Merchant: Add Money (10 points)

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