Military Rank Perk

In some settings, military ranks are a part of being a noble (i.e., of the Lordship Fringe Benefit), but in the Atantean World the privilege of commanding an army, navy, or part thereof is separate from Lordship. Some commoners can rise far through the ranks of the military, and a noble only gets high command if the Atlan or Priest-King awards it to him.

See the table for Fringe Benefit costs for typical Military Ranks.

Value Atlantis Lemurian Tellat (Equiv)
1 Kardos Paighanis Militius (Private)
2 Legalos Daylamis Praetorius (Sergeant)
3 Lokhagos Dathapatis Centurion (Captain)
4 Taxiarhos Satapatis Tribunus (Brigadier)
5 Strategos Hazarapatis Legatus (General)
6 Polemarchos Baivarapatis Imperatorus (Marshal)

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Military Rank Perk

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