“Northlander” is an Atlantean term for the men who live in the northern parts of Pelasgar. For the most part it refers to the Regnarians and Truscorans (especially the latter), though some Atlanteans include Larasans, Baltarians, and even Skraythans in the Northlander category.

Northlanders are often thought to be similar to or related to Hazarians, but in truth there seem to be more than enough differences to distinguish the two. A Northlander man is about 5’8” to 5’11” tall on average. His build is a sort of cross between the Atlantean and the Hazarian — not as broad-shouldered and deep-chested as the Hazarian, but moreso than the Atlantean. He has black or brown hair usually worn no longer than shoulder length, and a full beard. His skin has a slightly sallow tone, and his face is a touch rounder and flatter than that of the Hazarian. His clothing is a simple, but effective, heavy leather tunic and pants, plus a hooded full-length cloak and leather boots; the boots and cape are fur-lined. He usually carries a hand axe or a knife tucked into his heavy leather belt.

The Northlander woman is 5’6” to 5’10” (nearly as tall as the man), but her frame is a little more heavyset and rounded. Her hair is dark brown or black and typically cut short. Her clothing is a sort of two piece ensemble: a long-sleeved, ankle-length dress showing little décolletage, over which she wears a tabard-like garment in a complementary colour. In colder weather she adds a hooded cloak.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
3 + 1 Dexterity
2 + 1 Constitution
2 +1 Body
- 5 Distinctive Feature: Northman (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognised)
2 Total Cost of Package

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