Some people, most of them priests, are gifted by the gods with the ability to foresee the future. However, this gift comes with restrictions. First, it takes time and effort; the oracle must enter a trance to receive a vision of the future. Second, it requires a triggering mechanism of some sort. The most famous is the mists from the cleft at the Oracle of Vesaras in Zanthinus; other oracles use pools or bowls of water, cast bones, the smoke from a fire prepared with certain types of fuel, the reflections of light on an orichalcum mirror, or the like. Third, even the most skilled oracle’s visions tend to be vague and subject to multiple interpretations; often their accuracy and wisdom can only be seen in hindsight.

Cost Ability
9 Oracular Visions: Clairsentience (Sight Group), Precognition (40 Active Points); OIF (either a truly Inaccessible Focus like the Vesaran cleft, or any specific type of object of opportunity; – 1/2), Concentration (0 DCV throughout; – 1), Extra Time (minimum of 1 Turn, and often much longer; – 1 1/4), Vague And Unclear (- 1/2)

Total Cost of Package: 9 points

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