Orichalcum in Game Terms

In HERO System terms, raw orichalcum functions as an Endurance Reserve that can power spells, magical vehicles, and the like. Sairoi (spherical) orichalcum has relatively little END and no REC — once it’s used up, it crumbles to inert powder. Talloi (crystalline) orichalcum is more powerful and has both END and REC; for this reason it’s coveted by sorcerers, who have been known to commit murder to obtain a choice piece. The accompanying table lists the typical END (and REC) values for various-sized pieces of orichalcum, but these are only guidelines. Sometimes a piece is unusually “strong” or “weak”, and thus varies from the listed amounts. There are also recorded instances of orichalcum crystals that can augment a sorcerer’s spells… or twist them in horrific ways.

Although talloi replenish their magical energy over time, it is possible to use it up by over-using the crystal. Every time a tallos’s END drops to 20% or less of its full total, the GM rolls 3d6. If he rolls an 11-, the tallos permanently loses 5 END from its Endurance Reserve. Every Turn that a tallos remains at less than 20%, the GM makes another roll. If a tallos loses half or more of its END this way, for every further 5 END it loses thereafter it also loses 1 REC. If a tallos’s END or REC ever reaches zero, it crumbles to dust just like a used-up sairos.

Obtaining Orichalcum
Wizards are powerful people with many resources; more than a few of them are wealthy (and even the poorest wizard tends to be much better off than a typical commoner). Atlan Vondarien controls the orichalcum mines with an iron grasp, but Atlantean wizards usually have the means to obtain orichalcum for themselves… one way or another.
To represent his general, ongoing access to supplies of orichalcum sairoi, a character can buy the Orichalcum Supply Perk, described on page 90. Characters cannot obtain talloi this way
They must buy talloi individually with Character Points, which requires the GM’s permission.

Atlantean wizards usually carry their sairoi in small pouches, or even extra-dimensional pockets woven into their robes — having to lug around huge sacks of the stuff would not only be tiring and inconvenient, it would interfere with a wizard’s sense of style. Talloi are typically worked into enchanted items such as staffs, swords, brooches, rings, and the like.

Size Sairoi End Talloi End Talloi Rec Point Cost
Tiny (Pea) 25 10 2 1
Very Small (Marble) 50 25 5 3
Small (Golf Ball) 100 50 5 5
Medium (Tennis Ball) 200 100 10 10
Large (Baseball) 400 200 20 20
Huge (Grapefruit) 800 400 40 30

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Orichalcum in Game Terms

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