Wisest and most learned of the gods is Orikailos, who wields magic more awesome and powerful than that of any god or mortal. Some say it is he, and not Tikarion, who truly rules the heavens, for who can resist the spells of the All-Knowing God? Atlantean wizards in particular revere him, frequently using his thousand and one names as part of their incantations.

Orikailos most often appears to mortals in visions and dreams; unlike most of his brothers he has little interest in consorting with mortal maidens. The Atlanteans say, “Thrice-heeded is a warning from the All-Knowing,” for no one would dare to ignore one of Orikailos’s messages… but they also say, “Mysterious as a god’s message,” for Orikailos’s sendings are not always as clear as the recipient might like.

When manifesting to mortal eyes, Orikailos usually chooses the form of a venerable Atlantean sage dressed in sumptuous wizards’ robes of purple and gold adorned with his symbol, the unblinking eye of knowledge. But it’s said he can take on any shape he chooses, and that in various guises he often travels the world, testing men and giving gifts to those who earn his favor by displaying wisdom or insight.

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