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Like other southern lands, Parinda has been inhabited for millennia, before even the creation of Atlantis. It was once a region of many small kingdoms that traded, competed, and sometimes fought with one another. Ancient Parindan chronicles, written in books with pages made of thin, finely-tooled leather, describe countless battles and wars using the elegant, flowery Parindan script.

Since the Atlanteans unifed the region into a single province ruled by a prince, the former tiny kingdoms have become administrative districts. To help them oversee their vast population, the Parindan princes have over the centuries created a large and efficient bureaucracy that starts with the nobility and runs all the way down to legions of scribes. This machinery of government usually works well, but not quickly; “swift as a Parindan bureaucrat” is a common saying for “slow.”

The current Prince is Tavidra, known as “the Golden” for his love of lavish displays of wealth. In his youth a fit, active man and accomplished warrior, he’s aged into a paunchy, good-natured fellow whose joie de vivre is most often expressed at the feasting-table. The elaborate meals he puts on, particularly on holidays, have become legendary; even the Atlan has graced his dining hall a time or two.

The Parindan people are quite numerous; they believe that having large families honours the gods. As a result the kingdom often flirts with starvation when the harvest isn’t large, disease takes the herds, or the schools of fish find other waters to enjoy for awhile.

On two occasions in the past 500 years the Atlan has personally intervened by using the magic of the Ten Brothers to create enormous amounts of food to tide the Parindans over until their situation improved. He doesn’t like to do this, since he wants his provinces to be self-reliant, but he doesn’t want to see tens of thousands of his subjects dying of starvation… particularly the subjects who form so much of the bulwark against potential Kaphtoran aggression.

The Black Needles
Forming a long line across Parinda are three large obselisk-like structures that seem to be made of featureless obsidian. They’re called the Black Needles (Abnusalai, in Parindan). No one knows where they came from or who created them; they’re mentioned in the earliest Parindan histories. What is known is that they emit potent magical energies. Parindan mages have devised spells to “tap” those energies, and cast their other spells by drawing on the Needles’ power. This makes Parindan mages very strong in their own land but very weak anywhere else.

The Tombs Of Gastu Vahno One of the old Parindan kingdoms (now administrative districts) was Gastu Vahno, in the southern end of the country, north of the Red Forest and east of Lake Girpali. Unlike most Parindans, whose custom is to burn their dead on pyres (the wealthier or more noble the deceased, the more elaborate the pyre), the Vahnans buried theirs in underground chambers.

The Tombs of Gastu Vahno is the largest surviving necropolis from the old days. It’s a series of underground hallways lined with thousands of chambers holding the remains and grave-goods of the early Vahnan nobles. Elaborate traps and magics often protect the bodies, and due to his concern about the Tombs being used by Kaphtoran shadow-mages, Atlan Vondarien has established a special group of a dozen Atlantean soldiers, the Vahana Guard, to protect the Tombs and see to the general security of the region.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Parinda 8 -
L: Parindan (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman, Leatherworker – Pick one) 11 -

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Parinda Package

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