The Atlantean term “Pelasgaran” refers to the peoples of Pelasgar south of the Northlands, though it’s something of a misnomer. Pelasgar is a large continent with many peoples who do not all speak the same language or share the same customs, though they do seem to have the same basic appearance. Most Atlanteans lump them all together on that basis, though a man of Khirbet is different in many important ways from, say, an Amorian or a Therek.

The stereotypical Pelasgaran male is 5’8” to 5’10” tall with short, dark hair, a simple dark beard and moustache, dark eyes, and a skin tone somewhat darker than an Atlantean but not nearly as dark as Deogharan (much less a Kaphtoran). Fashions vary slightly across the continent, but the characteristic clothing is a long tunic (reaching to mid-calf), a cloth or leather belt, boots, and a vest. The vest often matches the belt, and among the upper classes both articles may have complementary embroidery or other decorations. Southern Pelasgaran men often wear short-brimmed hats to keep the fierce equatorial sun off their heads; northern Pelasgarans are less likely to need headwear.

The typical Pelasgaran female is 5’3” to 5’6” with dark hair (usually at least shoulder length, though some families or clans favor short hair), dark eyes, and the same skin color as the male. She typically wears a wide, frilly blouse that falls unbelted to mid-thigh (short-sleeved or long-sleeved depending on the weather) plus a long skirt and slippers (sometimes sandals). Jewelry is uncommon compared to some other cultures (though more common in southern Pelasgar than the north), but lace, embroidery, and the like are often used to accentuate the clothing. Women in western Pelasgar sometimes adopt a more Atlantean style of clothing.

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