Most revered of all the gods on Atlantis is Poseidon the sea-god, who gave Atlanteans two great gifts: the island of Atlantis itself; and the horse, bearer of burdens and carrier of men into battle. He protects Atlantis and Atlantean ships from storms and sees mariners safely to their destination. If angered – and he seems to be rather touchy at times – he can afflict men with drought, storms, floods, tidal waves, and even a poisoning of the waters.

Poseidon enjoys the company of mortals, particularly his sons (the Ten Brothers) and their descendants, and often visits them in disguise. Most often he appears as an old mariner eager for the comforts of a fire and a chance to tell tales of days past on the sea. Anyone who receives him courteously and listens his (often long-winded) stories earns his favor and perhaps a gift or blessing; those who shirk their responsibilities under the laws of hospitality incur his wrath (and had best not undertake a sea voyage anytime soon!). At other times the sea-god prefers to mingle with beautiful mortal women, often siring children on them who go on to become great heroes.

In Atlantean art Poseidon is most often depicted rising from the sea, either under his own power or in a chariot being pulled by four mighty seahorses. He’s barechested, with shoulder-length hair and a thick beard. He carries in his right hand his weapon, the trident Earthbreaker, which is also his symbol (and has likewise become part of the symbol of Atlantis).

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