Ras Shamra Package

Ras Shamra, the only southern realm to field an army against Atlantis, is a warm, dry land of plains and fields. It has few large stands of forest and no large inland bodies of water. Despite occasional problems with drought the climate is well-suited for certain types of agriculture, and for herding cattle and goats. Its people tend to live in villages or small towns.

Rhidassa, the prince’s seat of Ras Shamra, is a large, bustling city built after the Atlantean conquest that attracts traders from all over the world. Its merchants are known for their cleverness and wiles; few outsiders can ever claim to have gotten the better of a Rhidassan merchant! But they’re also known for their greed; a few rumors even claim that some Rhidassan merchants regularly traffic with Lemurian traders despite the fact that regular contact with the subjects of the Empire is frowned upon by the Dominion.

The other major city in Ras Shamra is Daraghan, at the mouth of the Darag River. It conducts a lively trade with southern Sangobar and even some parts of Saravon. It’s knowns as the “City of Doors” because the local custom is to decorate one’s door with beautiful carvings and bright colors both as a way of welcoming visitors and of displaying one’s prosperity to the world.

Prince Choresh, the seventeenth ruler of Ras Shamra to bear that name since the conquest, is one of the Dominion’s most colorful rulers. In his youth he was infamous for riding his beloved horse Hasikar everywhere (even indoors). As prince he’s occasionally made courtiers come to court in costume, formed his pet monkeys into a special military unit complete with uniforms, and once decreed a national day of mourning for dead hopes and dreams. Many people, including several of the Ten Brothers, are convinced that he’s totally insane… and yet he seems to be quite gifted at running Ras Shamra. For all of his tom-foolery he keeps the government functioning smoothly and makes difficult decisions well. Atlan Vondarien considers him merely “eccentric” and has chosen to ignore his behavior as long as he continues to rule properly.

The Ruined Temple Of Bel’hamasa
When Atlantis conquered Ras Shamra, Elasippus had the entire Ras Shamran capital razed to the ground. However, one building, the Great Temple of Bel’hamasa, defied the efforts of both his engineers and his wizards thanks to the potent spells of protection placed upon it by the Shamran gods. In deference to their (now weakened and ultimately doomed to “die”) heavenly brethren, the gods of Atlantis told Elasippus to cease his efforts, and so the Temple was abandoned forever.

In the thousands of years since, time and the elements have done what the Atlanteans could not. The protective spells have gradually failed, and the temple has slowly but surely fallen to ruin. Stories whispered around Shamran campfires and in the taverns of Rhidassa claim that strange beasts warped by the lingering magics and monsters drawn by the place’s ancient power and wealth dwell there now, a dire peril to all who would explore the ruins of the vast temple complex.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Ras Shamra 8 -
L: Shamran (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Shepherd, Woodcarver – Pick one) 11 -

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Ras Shamra Package

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