Regnaria Package

Regnaria is a cold and often stormwracked peninsula with a short growing season. Known to Atlanteans as “the civilized Northlanders,” the Regnarians were once tribesmen who lived by fishing, herding, and warring with the neighboring Truscorans and Larasans (and at times with each other). The Atlantean invasion unified the tribes, but all for naught; it took less than an hour for the Atlan’s soldiers to utterly crush all opposition. Initially the Regnarians resisted becoming part of the Dominion, but centuries of effort by Atlantis have transformed it into a relatively peaceful place and a complacent member of Atlantis’s empire.

To most Atlanteans, Regnaria is known as a land of horse-breeders. The Regnarian steed is built for size and power, not swiftness like Atlantean horses, and thus makes a superb warhorse for a rider strong enough to keep it under control. Regnarian horses are known to be temperamental and prone to biting, but some warriors consider that an asset rather than a problem.

Prince Carlen of Regnaria is a big, bluff, larger-than-life sort of fellow whose windburned face shows how many wintry days he’s spent out at sea and gnarled fists show how many brawls he’s been in. He’s established a good relationship with King Mneseus and can generally do as he pleases when it comes to governing his people, provided he doesn’t go overboard skirmishing with Truscoran raiders. He has three wives and somehow keeps them all happy and contented, a feat more than one Atlantean king envies him for.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Regnaria 8 -
L: Northlander(No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Fisherman. Horsebreeder, Shepherd – pick one) 11 -

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Regnaria Package

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