While some Reputations mostly hinder a character, and are a Disadvantage, many are primarily beneficial. Beneficial Reputations are Perks and cost Character Points.

Before buying this Perk, a player should decide, aft er consulting with his GM, whether his character’s Reputation is beneficial or not. A Reputation that’s more likely to cause problems for a character than to help him is a Disadvantage. A Reputation that’s more likely to help a character than to hinder him is a Perk. When making this decision, take into account what the character will do throughout the campaign. For example, the Reputation Violent causes problems for most characters when they deal with the general public, law enforcement, government, and some potential employers. However, in a Dark Champions campaign, that Reputation can be very helpful to some PCs — it makes their adversaries (criminals, enemy soldiers, and the like) scared of them. Thus, while Reputation: Violent is usually a Disadvantage, in some Dark Champions campaigns it may be a Perk. A character may have the same, or similar, Reputations as a Perk and as a Disadvantage, since different groups view certain Reputations different ways.

Example: The Harbinger of Justice has two Reputations. One, the Perk Ruthless Vigilante, reflects the fact that he’s the terror of the underworld. When he uses Interrogation, Persuasion, or Presence Attacks based on fear against criminals, he receives positive modifiers. The other, the Disadvantage Murderous Vigilante, indicates the general public views him as an extremely dangerous, sociopathic serial killer.

When Harbinger tries to interact with the general public, he suffers negative modifiers, because most people are terrified of him. Characters may purchase Reputation multiple times. Each level of Reputation adds +1 to relevant Interaction Skills (and related Skill and Characteristic Rolls) and + 1d6 to Presence Attacks that take advantage of the Reputation. For example, a character who spends 2 points on having Reputation: Honesty in the Chicago area on an 11 – receives + 2 to his Persuasion rolls when he tries to convince a Chicagoan he’s telling the truth.

The cost of a useful Reputation depends upon how widely and well the Reputation is known, as indicated by the accompanying table. The minimum cost per level of Reputation is 1 Character Point, regardless of modifiers.

Roll the “How Well Known” frequency whenever the character encounters someone who might know his Reputation. Th e frequencies are just guidelines; some characters may automatically know another character’s Reputation (for example, every criminal in Hudson City knows who the Harbinger is; they don’t have to make a Reputation roll).

Example: Caldan the Conqueror has a Reputation in the land of Valdoria as a Champion Gladiator — his prowess as a gladiator helps him intimidate people and earns him favors from fans. Because this Reputation applies in an entire nation, and he wants it known on a 14 -, it costs 3 points per level. He buys three levels, giving him + 3 / + 3d6 to appropriate Interaction Skill Rolls and Presence Attacks. While most Valdorians know him (14 – roll), gladiatorial afficionados and mercenaries may automatically know who he is, without the need to make a roll.

A character may have more than one Reputation, if appropriate. For example, a character with a Deep Cover might have a Reputation as a Generous Philanthropist in his normal identity, and another one as a Dangerous Crimelord in his other identity.

A Reputation can be lost, or converted into a Disadvantage, if a character doesn’t live up to it. For example, if Brak the Barbarian has the Reputation Brave And Valiant, but suddenly starts refusing fights and running away from danger, his Reputation becomes a Disadvantage — Cowardly. Brak must somehow restore his good name; how he can do so depends upon the situation and the GM.

Cost Per Level How Widely Known
0 point A small to medium sized group (close neighbors) or a limited geographic area (a neighborhood)
1 points A medium-sized group (all doctors) or a large geographic area (a city or region)
2 points A large group or a huge geographic area (all the citizens of a country)
Modifier How Well Known
- 1 8 -
0 11 -
+ 1 14 -

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