A character with this Disadvantage is viewed in an unfavourable light; also, people may know something harmful or disadvantageous about him. Sometimes a Reputation can be useful, but usually it should cause problems for the character — people run screaming in fear when he rides into town, merchants refuse to sell to him, honourable people shun him, the city guard arrest him just on suspicion. A character should buy a predominantly helpful or useful Reputation as a Perk; a character may have both the Perk and this Disadvantage, if warranted.

A Reputation can cause all sorts of problems for a character. It may inform people about his personality and give them knowledge they wouldn’t ordinarily have about his tactics or equipment. They’ll know (or think they know) how the character acts and reacts, and can plan accordingly. They may even exploit the Reputation — imagine how easily an enemy could trick a character who’s known to be a Sucker For A Sad Story into doing nefarious deeds. Extreme Reputations in particular often dictate the actions of NPCs when they encounter the character.

Most Reputations are known to the general public. If only a small or limited group (such as the underworld, the army, or inhabitants of one country in the Dominion) knows about the Reputation, the character receives – 5 points for it. (This might also apply if the character has multiple identities or forms, and the Reputation relates to only one of them.)
If appropriate, Reputations may improve Presence Attacks and some Interaction Skill rolls. For example, a character known to be Bloodthirsty might get a bonus to certain Torture rolls and violent Presence Attacks. As a rule of thumb, grant + 1/+ 1d6 for an 8 – Reputation, + 2/+ 2d6 for an 11 -, + 3/+ 3d6 for a 14 -, and an additional + 1/+ 1d6 for Extreme Reputations. The same modifiers apply negatively if the Reputation would tend to counteract the Presence Attack or Interaction Skill.

A Reputation typically derives from a character’s exploits before the campaign begins. Characters may earn a Reputation during the campaign, but they get no Character Points for it.

Value Recognized
5 Sometimes (8 – )
10 Frequently (11 – )
15 Almost always (14 – )
+ 5 Extreme Reputation
- 5 Reputation Is Known Only To A Small Or Limited Group

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