Resistance represents a character’s ability to resist interrogation and torture through self-hypnosis, meditation, pure stubbornness, or the like. Resistance has no effect on Mental Powers or Pushing.

Resistance costs 1 Character Point for each + 1 to the character’s EGO Roll for the purpose of resisting interrogation or torture.

At the GM’s option, Resistance can be bought as other forms of self control such as:

Blasé (resists Oratory)
Drama Critic (resists Acting)
Ferocious (resists Animal Handler)
Hard Bargainer (resists Trading)
Immovable (resists Persuasion)
Incorruptible (resists Bribery)
Rulesmonger (resists Bureaucratics)
Tight-Lipped (resists Conversation)
Unfriendly (resists Seduction)

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