Restrictions on Atlantean Magic

Though powerful, Atlantean magic is not without its weaknesses and limitations.
These include:

Gesturing And Incanting
Almost all Atlantean spells (and certainly all powerful ones) require the Limitations Gestures and Incantations. Other common Limitations include Concentration, Extra Time, Increased Endurance Cost, and mandatory Side Effects (typically involving the loss of BODY or STUN).

Because it’s so powerful, Atlantean magic is tiring to use. No spell can cost 0 END — if it’s based on a Power that inherently doesn’t cost END, it must take the Costs Endurance Limitation.

Many spells that cost END have the Increased Endurance Cost Limitation, and a spell can only take the Reduced Endurance Advantage at the + 1/4 level (half END) with the GM’s permission.

Atlantean wizards cannot buy Endurance Reserves or the like to provide END for their spells; they must either use personal END or the END from Orichalcum.

No Long-Range Travel Magics
Atlantean wizards cannot teleport vast distances, unrestrictedly fly under their own power, or the like. When the gods brought magic back into the world, they included this restriction to keep their followers humble. Thus, if an Atlantean wizard wants to travel a long distance, he uses a magical vehicle such as a sky-ship.

Restricted Healing
Also by the decree of the gods, healing spells can only be learned by their priests. An Atlantean wizard who’s not a priest (i.e., who has not taken the Atlantean Priest Package Deal and subjected himself to the restrictions and requirements that being a priest entails) cannot learn spells that heal wounds, cure diseases, and the like. And not even the most powerful priest can bring someone back from the dead; only the gods themselves can do that.

(In game terms, healing magics are bought as distinct spell-like abilities by priests; see below. Not all priests have healing powers [in fact, relatively few do], but they’re the only ones who can have them.)

Defensive Magics Are Uncommon
Broad-based defensive spells are uncommon in Atlantean magic; the best of them is an Arcane spell, and not every spellcaster reaches that pinnacle of wizardly achievement. Most defensive spells are of more limited application, such as Shield Of The Winds (which protects the caster from fired or projected physical missiles but not HTH Combat attacks or most spells). Atlantean wizards are more likely to defend themselves from their fellow by countering their spells (e.g., with a Suppress spell) than by simply withstanding the damage.

Body-Affecting Magics Are Rare
While Atlantean wizards do occasionally get involved in shapechanging duels, for the most part shape-shifting spells and magics based on the Body-Affecting Powers are rare. Shapechanging is often viewed with suspicion in Atlantean society, even among wizards, because gods and spirits so often use shape-shifting powers to trick, exploit, or harm men.

Mental Magics Are Rare
Similarly, spells based on the Mental Powers are rare among Atlantean mages (in part because they typically belong to the Arcane category, which few mages can cast spells from). Mind-altering magics are more the province of Lemurian, Serpent-Man, and Kaphtoran sorcerers, who have fewer scruples and a greater willingness to take the easy, corrupting path to power.

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Restrictions on Atlantean Magic

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