This Package Deal encompasses a wide variety of scoundrels, thieves, agile “troubleshooters” and “finders of lost treasure,” likeable frauds, and clever killers. They run the gamut of the Fantasy underworld, though not all are truly criminals per se. Some may have developed their skills as military scouts or spies, and now use them as adventurers; others deliberately trained for an adventuring career in the abilities most suited to their talents and personalities.

Cost Ability
15 + 5 DEX
5 Stealth + 1
5 Streetwise + 1
3 WF: Common Melee Weapons, WF: Thrown Knives/Axes/Darts
18 18 points’ worth of Skills and Perks from the following list: Acrobatics, Acting, Breakfall, Bribery, Bureaucratics, Climbing, Concealment, Contortionist, Conversation, Cramming, Cryptography, Deduction, Disguise, Eavesdropping, Fast Draw, Forgery, Gambling, Courtier, Torture, Lipreading, Literacy, Lockpicking, Mimicry, Persuasion, PS: Appraising, Trapbreaker, Seduction, Shadowing, Sleight Of Hand, Survival (Urban), Trading, Ventriloquism, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill, Jack Of All Trades, Well-Connected, Contact

Total Cost Of Package: 46

Types of Rogue:

Burglar: A “second-story man,” a thief who specializes in breaking and entering jobs. This usually involves a lot of dexterous climbing and bypassing of deadly traps. From the Skill choice list, pick Acrobatics, Breakfall, Climbing, Contortionist, Lockpicking, and Trapbreaker.

Cutpurse: A thief who specializes in pickpocketing, slitting purses, and other up-close, nimblefingered work. From the Skill choice list, pick Fast Draw, Shadowing, and Sleight Of Hand; Lockpicking and Trapbreaker are also good choices.

Explorer: An “expert treasure-seeker,” a person who seeks out old ruins, dungeons, and caverns to explore in search of lost (or pilferable) riches. Since this line of work exposes the explorer to all sorts of threats both mundane and magical, he usually belongs to a band of adventurers with whom he splits both risks and rewards. The explorer excels not only at detecting and evading traps, but at deciphering codes and long-lost scripts in maps, tomb inscriptions, and the like. From the Skill choice list, pick Climbing, Cryptography, Fast Draw, Lockpicking, and Trapbreaker.

Mountebank: A con man, scoundrel, and trickster. He relies on his personal charm and quick wits to earn his ill-gotten gains. Some mountebanks also possess more “banal” thieving skills. From the Skill choice list, pick Acting, Conversation, Courtier, Persuasion, and Seduction. Bureaucratics, Gambling, Forgery, Shadowing, and Sleight Of Hand are also common mountebank Skills.

Spy: An agent of some government or other organization who attempts to gather secret data about his employer’s potential enemies and rivals, and conducts other covert operations. From the Skill choice list, pick Acting, Conversation, Cryptography, Forgery, Courtier, and Seduction – but virtually any Skill on the list would be appropriate for many spies.

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