Despite its location relatively far from the equator, Saravon is warmed by some significant oceanic currents (and in Vangkor, by magic as well), giving it a climate more like that of Deoghar than many people expect. Saravonans display a wide variety of skin tones, from a white just a little darker than that of an Atlantean or Hazarian to duskier shades about like those of the Deogharans.

A Saravonan man is of average height (about 5’6” to 5’10”) and usually has dark hair and eyes, though lighter shades of hair are common in some areas and a few peoples sometimes have lighter eyes as well. Facial hair varies from land to land, but beards and moustaches are more common than not. Clothing styles also vary; the most common, seen in most parts of Khendai, Udongar, and Vastam, is a loose shirt, pants, boots, and a vest. Compared to the clothing worn by men in other lands, Saravonan clothing tends to be brightly-colored.

Saravonan women are a few inches shorter than their men on the average, but are more likely than they to have brown or blonde hair. Long hair is usually bound up in simple styles held in place with wooden or ivory sticks or ivory combs. In warm weather, the typical garb is a calf-length skirt and a loose blouse; in colder weather the skirt lengthens, and both pieces of clothing become heavier.

Package Deals

None – These are one of the many “Baseline” humans of the Atlantean world.

However See Serpentmen of Vangkor.

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