Satyrs are creatures with the upper bodies of men, the legs of goats, and short goat’s horns growing from their heads. They usually have dark skins and short, pointed beards. They inhabit the light woodlands and fields of parts of Atlantis. When men first began exploring Atlantis, the satyrs avoided them, fearing they were dangerous. As their fear slowly wore away, they began playing pranks on men. When they discovered the wondrous man-created delicacy that is wine, they revealed themselves and began trading for it. Like the centaurs, over time they emulated the Atlanteans, developing a society more akin to theirs than the freewheeling satyr lifestyle of old.

Even compared to the Alarii and the centaurs, the satyrs are reclusive. They tend to live together in bands of no more than a dozen; many are loners. The stereotypical satyr prefers a life of indolence and ease, wandering the woodlands, playing music, eating fruits and nuts and small game, and sometimes working magic. (Though satyrs are rarely powerful wizards, they are inherently magical creatures and often have a knack for spellcasting.) But occasionally one decides to join human society and becomes an entertainer, soldier, adventurer, or the like.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
3 + 3 Strength
15 + 5 Dexterity
10 + 5 Constitution
5 + 5 Presence
4 Goats Legs: +2" Running
9 Perceptive: +3 PER with All Sense Groups
5 Satyrs Eyes: Nightvision
-10 Distinctive Feature: Satyr (Concealable with Difficulty, Noticed and Recognised)
41 Total Cost of Package

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