As Helios ends his journey each day, his silvery sister Selene arises from her couch, dons her crescent-shaped Moon Crown, and with Astranar’s permission starts her own journey through the night sky. Her travels only end when she reaches the other side of the sky and it’s time once more for Helios to illuminate the world.

While she’s best known to Atlanteans as the goddess of the night and the moon, Selene oversees other spheres as well. In one aspect she’s the goddess of love, since loving words are so often whispered at night. In some respects she’s also a goddess of women, since women seem to have a special link to the moon.

Selene rarely appears to mortals, but when she does usually resembles a long-haired Atlantean woman of soft beauty wearing a glowing, silvery gown. When enemies threaten the gods she becomes a warrior-maiden dressed in silver armor and wielding a silver spear whose merest touch is death to aught that is evil, foul, or corrupt.

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