Serpentmen of Vangkor

The most unusual inhabitants of Saravon are the Serpent-Men of Vangkor — ophidian humanoids who have occupied these lands for as long as Lemurians and Atlanteans can remember. They look like thick-bodied serpents with slender arms and legs; the lower part of the body trails off into a tail. Their heads are entirely serpentlike, with reptilian eyes and a fanged mouth. Their clothing (if they wear any at all) is a simple robe worn loose.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
4 + 2 Constitution
4 + 2 Body
4 + 2 Ego
3 + 3 Presence
8 Fangs: 1/d d6 HKA, Reduced Penetration (up to 2 × 1/2d6 HKA with Strength 10)
5 Tail: Extra Limb, Inherent, Limited Manipulation
2 Tail: + 3" Swimming, Restrainable
1 Light Scales: Damage Resistance 1/1
- 10 Distinctive Feature: Serpentman (Concealable with Effort, Noticed and Recognised)
21 Total Cost of Package

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Serpentmen of Vangkor

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