Shem Thief

The thieves of Karshemish (Known as ‘Shem’) are generally acknowledged as the best in the world. Most live in the royal seat Ekbatahn, where they organize themselves into large gangs that compete (and fight) with one another. More than a few of the gangs have existed for centuries, giving them a longevity and body of traditions and lore far in excess of many legitimate merchant companies.

The oldest and best-established of these gangs have headquarters whose existence is a thinly-veiled secret, though the authorities would never dare to raid them for fear of the traps and other trickery awaiting invaders. These lairs are where the gang stores its loot, hides members who are wanted by the city guard, and trains new thieves. By Shem underworld custom, all thieves are taught seven arts of stealing: climbing walls; picking locks; defeating traps; uncovering hidden items; pickpocketing; purseslitting; and stealthy movement.

Cost Ability
1 + 1 STR
15 + 5 DEX
6 + 3 CON
3 + 3 INT
3 Climbing
3 Concealment
3 Lockpicking
3 Trapbreaker
3 Sleight Of Hand
3 Stealth
5 Streetwise (PRE + 1)
3 WF: Common Melee Weapons, WF: Thrown Daggers
9 9 points’ worth of Skills and Perks from the following list Acrobatics, Acting, Breakfall, Bribery, Bureaucratics, Combat Skill Levels, Contortionist, Conversation, Cramming, Cryptography, Deduction, Disguise, Eavesdropping, Fast Draw, Forgery, Gambling, Courtier, Torture, Lipreading, Literacy, Mimicry, Penalty Skill Levels, Persuasion, PS: Appraising, Seduction, Shadowing, Survival (Urban), Trading, Ventriloquism, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill, Jack Of All Trades, Well-Connected, Contact


Value Disadvantage
- 5 Rivalry: Professional, with other thieves
- 20 Social Limitation: Subject To Orders (Very Frequently, Major)

Total Cost Of Package: 35

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Shem Thief

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