Simulate Death

This Talent allows a character to slow his metabolism down to the point where he appears completely dead (although a thorough medical investigation would reveal signs of life). For 3 Character Points, a character can simulate death; he receives + 1 to his EGO Roll for purposes of making Simulate Death rolls for + 1 Character Point. The character should determine either the length of time he wishes to remain in his deathlike state or what set of circumstances awaken him before he makes his Skill Roll.

When a character Simulates Death, no non-Persistent powers function, and he cannot spend END on anything. He cannot make PER Rolls of any sort; he has no awareness of his surroundings (except to the extent he requires “awareness” to determine the wake-up condition). He does not gain any of the benefits of Life Support of any type, except for Diminished Eating, Extended Breathing, and Longevity.

Preparing to enter a Simulate Death trance takes 5 minutes; if the character wishes to take a shorter amount of time, he must make an EGO Roll at – 1 for every level on the Time Chart (thus, at – 4 to enter the trance on the same Phase). If the character makes his EGO Roll, he enters the trance as desired and wakes up at the appointed time. Once the character enters the trancelike state, nothing can awaken him except the passing of the proper amount of time or the stated circumstances.

If the character fails his EGO Roll, he fails to go into a trance. However, if he fails it badly or rolls a 18, he enters the trance anyway. He must then attempt a CON Roll. If he fails, he has slipped into an unregulated trance and will truly die if he does not receive immediate medical attention. If the character makes the CON Roll, he simply remains in his trance 1d6 hours longer than anticipated.

It takes a Healing roll at – 5 to detect that a character is using Simulate Death. A character with Embalming can detect it with a normal roll, but this takes time. A character simulating death breathes and otherwise functions at 1/10 his normal metabolic rate.

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Simulate Death

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