Skill Cost Structures

The HERO System has five cost structures for Skills. The most common is the standard Characteristic-based Skill model: for 3 Character points, a character gets a base roll of (9+(CHAR/5)) or less; +1 to the roll costs +2 Character Points.

Characters buy some types of Characteristic-based Skills, such as Forgery, Gambling, and Survival, by limited categories. These Skills cost 2 Character points for a base roll of (9+(CHAR/5)) or less with one category, or 1 Character Point for that roll with a specific subcategory (subsequent categories and subcategories also cost 2 Character Points and 1 Character Point, respectively). Improving the roll by +1 with all categories costs +2 Character Points.

Animal Handler, Navigation, and Weaponsmith differ slightly because they don’t have subcategories – the first category costs 2 Character Points, and each subsequent category costs 1 Character Point.

Background Skills such as Knowledge Skill, Professional Skill, and Science Skill cost 2 Character Points for a base 11- roll. Characters can “upgrade” the base roll to a Characteristic Roll (typically an INT-Based roll) for +1 Character Point. Improving the roll by +1 costs +1 Character Point.

Weapon Familiarity and Transport Familiarity have slightly different cost structures. The ability to use one subcategory (such as Blades or Camels) costs 1 Character Point. Knowing how to use an entire category of weapons or vehicles (such as Common Melee Weapons or Riding Animals), if purchasable at all, costs 2 Character Points.

Lastly, some Skills, such as Combat Skill Levels, Cramming, or Two-Weapon Fighting, have a set cost.

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Skill Cost Structures

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