Skill Enhancers

Skill Enhancers reduce the cost of certain Skills or Perks. Each Skill Enhancer costs 3 Character Points, can only be purchased once, and cannot be increased beyond the basic level.

The minimum cost of any Background Skill learned through a Skill Enhancer is 1 Character Point, but for that 1 point the character receives an 11- roll.

Jack of All Trades: Th e character picks up trades, crafts, and similar Skills extremely easily; he learns new Professional Skills at -1 Character Point to the cost.

Linguist: This Skill Enhancer allows the character to learn new Languages more easily. Linguist decreases the cost of each Language Skill a character buys by 1 point. The minimum cost of a Language is still 1 point, but for 1 point the character speaks fluent conversation (which usually costs 2 points).

Scholar: The character learns Knowledge Skills easily, at -1 Character Point to the cost. Scholar does not help the character learn AKs, CKs, or CuKs (see Traveler).

Scientist: The character learns Science Skills easily, at -1 Character Point to the cost.

Traveler: A character with Traveler is adept at learning about new locations and cultures. The character learns new Area Knowledges, City Knowledges, and Cultural Knowledge Skills easily, at -1 Character Point to the cost. However, the character must acquire the knowledge through hands-on experience (i.e., he must actually visit the location).

Well-Connected: This Skill Enhancer affects the cost of certain Perks, rather than Skills. The character is extremely skilled at making friends and earning favors. He makes Contacts easily, at -1 Character Point to the cost. Characters with Well Connected may also purchase two Favours for only 1 point (thereby halving the cost).

One unusual Skill Enhancer is called Cramming and instead of making a type of skill or perk cheaper, allows the character to regularly select any one non-combat skill and have a rudimentary understanding of it. This skill can be (repeatedly) changed at a suitable point. Cramming costs 5 Character Points and MAY be bought multiple times.

Skill Enhancers

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