A character with this Disadvantage takes damage from objects or effects that are harmless to most people. It is not appropriate for normal characters in the Atlantean World, though it may be used to represent a rare “curse” or “displeasure of the gods”.

The value of a Susceptibility depends on three factors. The first is how frequently the character is likely to encounter the damaging object or effect — common items, such as salt or silver, are worth more than rare ones, such as orichalcum. The GM must approve all such items or effects, and should, of course, only approve ones actually present in the campaign setting. Th e second factor is how much damage the character takes when he encounters the object or effect. The third factor is how quickly he takes damage.

A Susceptible character takes STUN damage (no defense applies) immediately when exposed to the object or effect to which he’s Susceptible. Thereafter, he takes damage at the time increments defined by the Disadvantage. Once he’s unconscious, he also begins to take Normal Damage BODY from the attack until he dies or is removed from the object or effect. He does not stop taking damage, and may not Recover from the damage, until the object or effect is removed.

If the character is Susceptible to an Instant effect, like an attack, he takes the damage whenever exposed to the Instant Power. He receives no value for time increments, since the effect doesn’t last long enough to fulfill a time increment.

At the GM’s option, the Susceptibility can inflict damage other than STUN. In this case, each d6 of STUN damage should be replaced with 10 Active Points of another attack.

Value Condition Is…
5 Uncommon
10 Common
15 Very Common
Value Take Damage Every
+ 0 Effect is instant
+ 15 Segment
+ 10 Phase
+ 5 Turn
0 Minute
- 5 5 minutes
.. and so forth
Value Number Of Dice
+ 0 1d6
+ 5 2d6
+ 10 3d6

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