Talents are unusual abilities some characters possess. They include weird or unique attributes, bizarre skills, and a variety of effects that aren’t common among normal folk, but are sometimes possessed by heroes and their enemies.

Think of Talents as a halfway step between Skills and Powers. Some of them, like Combat Sense, resemble Skills. Others, like Universal Translator or certain forms of Danger Sense, are more like Powers. They are, in effect, a collection of “super-Skills.” They often represent abilities like Eidetic Memory which, while extremely uncommon in the real world, do exist.

Talents do not cost END to use, unless the description of a specific Talent notes otherwise.

Characters cannot learn most Talents as easily as they can learn Skills. It’s impossible to learn to be Ambidextrous, and no one just acquires an Eidetic Memory.

Therefore, the GM may rule that characters cannot learn some or all Talents after the campaign begins. However, because some Talents are “Skill-like,” conceivably a character could train himself in them. Characters probably could, for example, learn to react more swiftly (Lightning Reflexes) or read quickly (Speed Reading). Therefore the GM may allow characters to learn some Talents after character creation.

As an optional rule, a character could have a “latent” Talent for the cost of 1 Character Point. A latent Talent gives the character no benefit, but allows him to buy the Talent later. The GM might also decide that a character must undertake some special quest or perform a special mission to gain a Talent aft er the campaign has begun. For example, a martial artist might have to travel to a lonely monastery and study there before he could buy Combat Sense.

The below Table lists the available Talents:

Talent Cost Summary
Absolute Range Sense 3 Can gauge distances accurately
Absolute Time Sense 3 Can gauge the passage of time accurately
Ambidexterity 3 / 6 / 9 Doesn’t suffer Off Hand penalties
Animal Friendship 20 Can tame or bond with animals easily
Beast Speech 15 Can ‘talk’ to all ‘natural’ animals
Berserk Fury 16 Can work self into bloodthirsty rage
Bump of Direction 3 Has an innate sense of direction
Combat Archery 8 Can fire reliably into melee
Combat Focus 5 Do not suffer distraction penalties for non combat skills in combat
Combat Luck 6 + Has a knack for avoiding injury
Combat Sense 15 / 1 Can fight in H2H while blinded
Combat Spellcasting 6 / 12 Bonuses to hit with a spell, or all spells
Crippling Blow 16 Cause serious damage to target, reducing its abilities
Danger Sense 15 + A special “sixth Sense” for danger
Deadly Blow 4 / 7 / 10 Bonus Killing damage with specific type of attacks
Divine Favour 10 The gods look out for you
Double Jointed 4 Very flexible joints
Eidetic Memory 5 A ‘photographic’ memory
Environmental Movement 1 – 4 Can move easier in certain environments or conditions
Fascination 10 Magnetic charm.
Fearless 14 Can ignore most forms of fear
Follow-Through Attack 40 Can cleave through multiple opponents with ease
Inspire 11 Voice is calming and reassuring to allies
Lightning Calculator 3 Mathematical Calculations are almost instantaneous
Lightning Reflexes Varies React more swiftly than normal
Lightsleep 3 Rarely surprised while asleep
Mounted Warrior 4 Remove/reduce mounted combat penalties
Perfect Pitch 3 Can identify musical pitch exactly
Rapid Archery 6 Can fire 3 shots with the speed of 1
Resistance 1 + Can resist Torture better than most people
Simulate Death 3 / 1 Can feign death believably
Speed Reading 4 Can read much faster than normal
Trackless Stride 2 / 4 Can move along the ground slowly, without leaving tracks
Universal Translator 20 / 1 Can communicate in almost any language

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