The people of the Empire of Tellat are a proud, even arrogant, race who seem to think it’s their destiny to rule the world despite having had no success achieving that goal since the Empire was declared.

The Tellat male is upwards of 6’0” tall with white skin and brown or blonde hair (darker shades are far less common). His garment primarily consists of a long strip of cloth wrapped around the body (similar to an Earth toga, though it doesn’t look exactly like one). The style of wrapping and the fineness and colour of the cloth indicate social status and/or wealth.

The Tellat woman is about 5’5” to 5’8” tall; her hair is blonde or brown (or, more rarely, black or red) and usually worn below shoulder length (though elaborate hairstyling may conceal this). Her main garment is a long, unbelted dress (long- or short-sleeved depending on the weather), plus a cloth wrapping similar to the male’s but which only covers her upper body and upper arms. Cloth head coverings are often worn to indicate modesty, and jewelry is relatively uncommon in public but often lavish at private functions.

Package Deals

None – These are one of the many “Baseline” humans of the Atlantean world.

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