Tellat Beastmaster

To balance the power of Atlantean magic and Lemurian magiconstructs, the Tellat army relies on large, ferocious battle-beasts that it captures or breeds for military purposes. Specially-trained soldiers known as “beastmasters” (Belundom in Tellat) control these creatures and see to their care. It’s not the safest of professions, since a wounded battle-beast may turn on its master… but as long as he maintains control of his charge(s), the beastmaster is one of the most powerful warriors on the battlefield.

A Beastmaster’s main weapon is usually his goad, a sort of four foot-long haft with a blunt metal tip ringed by large, sharp hooks and curved blades. He typically uses it to control large, tough battle-beasts like the Battledon, but it’s a perfectly functional weapon.

Cost Ability
5 + 5 STR
12 + 4 DEX
10 + 5 CON
6 + 3 BODY
3 + 3 INT
10 + 10 PRE
4 + 2 OCV with Beastmaster Goad
15 Animal Handler (Bovines, Canines, Dragons, Elephants, Equines, Felines, Raptors, Ursines) (PRE + 3)
3 Breakfall
5 Riding (DEX + 1)
3 Tracking
9 9 points’ worth of Skills and Perks from the following list: Analyze, Bureaucratics, Combat Skill Levels, Cryptography, Deduction, Fast Draw, Gambling, Torture, Literacy, Navigation, Oratory, Healing, Penalty Skill Levels, Stealth, Survival, Trading, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Familiarity, Weaponsmith, any Background Skill, Contact
Value Disadvantage
- 20 Social Limitation: Subject To Orders (Very Frequently, Major)

Total Cost Of Package: 65

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Tellat Beastmaster

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