Tellat Magic

Tellat magic is similar to Atlantean, but with some important differences.

First, the Tellats lack orichalcum or any other substance they can reliably draw on to provide END to fuel their spells. To compensate for this, they’ve developed a system of ritual magic that allows a spell to be cast by a single mage (if he’s willing to absorb the entire END cost himself) or a group of two or more mages. In game terms, the spells are built as Multipowers with one slot containing the regular spell, and one containing the same spell with the Requires Multiple Users Limitation at the -ΒΌ. Unlike the standard rules for that Limitation, any number of spellcasters may work together to cast a spell, and the END cost is divided between them, to a minimum of one-fourth of the spell’s END cost. Thus, if there are enough casters, the most END any of them pay is 25% of the spell’s regular END cost.

Second, the Tellats have become particularly skilled at dispelling and countering enemy magics. This has two effects in game terms. First, their anti-magic spells (which includes most negative Adjustment Power spells that affect “Magic spells/powers” and various Dispel Magic spells) cost only half their listed END cost. Second, solely for purposes of buying anti-magic spells (including spells like Illuminating and Countermagic), Tellat wizards can buy their Light, Order, and Arcane Multipowers at the same time as they buy their Air, Earth, Fire, and Water ones. They do so without regard for how the size of the reserves compare, but they still have to pay the standard, higher, costs for their Light, Order, and Arcane Multipowers.

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Tellat Magic

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