The Sangobaran Continent

The lands of Sangobar came to the Dominion later than those of Pelasgar, but as with Pelasgar their proximity to Atlantis has allowed Atlantean culture to take firm hold through trade and intermingling. However, the presence of the Empire of Hazaria in the northwestern corner of the continent acts as a countering influence.

Sangobar lacks any major mountain ranges, though it does have some high hills and small mountains in the farthest north. The land tends to be low-lying and is often prone to flooding, especially along the Ractoris River. There are no cities along the Ractoris, save for Anskar at its very mouth; the river-folk live in villages and towns built on high ground or with buildings on pilings so they don’t get flooded out. They ship trade-goods down the river by raft and boat, and from Anskar they can be sent anywhere in the world.

Areas contained within Sangobaran Continent:


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The Sangobaran Continent

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