The eldest of the gods, and their king, is Tikarion the Justice-Bringer, who gave to the Atlanteans the laws that are the foundation of their society. It’s said by some that Tikarion looks on Atlan Vondarien with as much favor as if he were the god’s own son, and often visits the ruler of Atlantis in quiet moments to offer advice or observations.

Beyond those visits, Tikarion loves to mingle with his mortal worshippers to judge whether they’re living up to his precepts. As accomplished a shapechanger as Orikailos, he usually takes on the form of some weak or helpless being: a feeble old man; a poor child; an injured animal. If the person he’s testing does the right thing, he reveals himself and commends him, perhaps blessing him or giving him some sort of gift. If he does not do the right thing, or tries to exploit the situation for his own gain, the Justice-Bringer punishes him, often severely.

Atlantean artists usually show Tikarion as a handsome middle-aged man with brown hair and beard wearing robes of royal blue and carrying a staff like those traditionally held by Atlantean judges when hearing cases. When he goes to battle Tikarion wears golden armor whose breastplate is shaped to look like a lion’s head, and he wields the sword Judgment and the impenetrable shield Righteousness.

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