Truscora Package

Related to the Regnarians, the Truscorans have never really settled down the way they did. They’re a nomadic people who live on the steppe/tundra of the far north, riding their heavy, shaggy-haired horses in pursuit of the great northern deer that is their chief source of food and goods. They don’t build cities; at best they have temporary encampments to wait out the worst of the winter weather.

The Truscorans are generally divided into two types, eastern and western. The two types are largely similar, but speak slightly different dialects of the Northlander tongue and have a few other cultural differences. Both groups have adopted the Atlantean pantheon, though filtered through their own world-view so that they exalt a few gods (Ares as god of hunting, Hipparchus god of horses) over all the others. The western Truscora, who trade with the Regnarians and Baltarians, are considered somewhat more “civilized” than the eastern Truscora, who are mainly known for their longstanding conflict with the Skraythans.

As “prince” over all Truscorans the Atlanteans have created a “High Chief ” position that’s mostly hereditary but can be won from the current holder by a combat challenge. The current High Chief is Gronar, a powerful brute of a warrior whose crude manner masks an intelligent, insightful mind… as his foes find out too late.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Truscora 8 -
L: Northlander (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
Survival (Arctic/subarctic plains) (9 + INT/5)
Survival (Temperate/subtropical plains) (9 + INT/5)

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Truscora Package

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