Udongar Package

A green, temperate land between the Banag and Shangkam Rivers, Udongar is a tranquil place where the people — mostly farmers and fishermen — live their lives much as their ancestors did centuries and millennia ago. It’s most noted for its wines; Udoni wines grace many a Lemurian table and are even sold and consumed in Atlantis.

Governor Temgath is one of the highest-ranking nobles of House Reng and noted in Lemurian society for his wit, grace, and good looks. He was exiled to Udongar after he accidentally offended another noble who was a close friend of the Priest-King. He and his friends back home are constantly scheming to get him back to Lemuria.

Currently he’s focusing his efforts on an ancient Udoni legend that the earliest Udoni people, whom they call the Great Fathers, possessed great treasures and awesome magical powers that were lost long ago. He believes he may find some of these treasures, and the power they contain, in the forested hills to the west, and has begun searching them eagerly.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Udongar 8 -
L: Udoni (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Lemurian (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman, Winemaker – Pick one) 11 -

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Udongar Package

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