Improbable and unlucky things happen to a character who has Unluck. The GM should require an Unluck Roll when the character is winning easily in a fight, depending on a sure thing, succeeding easily, taking a simple task for granted, and so forth.

Unluck is worth 5 Character Points per 1d6. When determining whether Unluck affects him, a character rolls his Unluck dice; each “1” that appears on the dice counts as one level of Unluck. The more levels of Unluck, the more intense the effects should be. The accompanying table gives some suggested effects for Unluck.

Unluck isn’t just a roll — it should affect the character in minor ways whenever he’s winning or on top of a situation. A character with Unluck may also buy Luck: he’s Lucky when losing and Unlucky when winning (resulting in a very confused character). The maximum amount of Unluck allowed is 5d6 (which is worth 25 Character Points as a Disadvantage). Any more than this and the character would have great difficulty staying alive in a dangerous world.

The GM should be careful not to overemphasize this Disadvantage, since Unluck can be extremely frustrating and annoying. The GM might roll secretly for Unluck, and let the player worry about whether it’s working. Usually, the GM should only roll Unluck once or twice during an encounter or session, unless things are going remarkably well for the character (well, it IS ‘Unluck’ after all!).

Levels Possible Effects
1 The character slips and is put at a disadvantage in combat, a magic item malfunctions, the character loses a vital clue or piece of equipment, or a complete stranger picks a fight.
2 Bystanders get between the character and his target, normally friendly people are unwilling or unable to help the character, the character’s bow breaks at an inopportune moment, a spell inexplicably fails, or an attack misses its target and injures a friend.
3 The character is suddenly Stunned in a fight by falling debris, another enemy shows up, a downed enemy is revived by a spectacular coincidence, the character’s flying manta sneezes, bucking the character off in flight. Incredibly bad coincidence is possible.
4 or more Like three levels, only the bad luck starts to affect the character’s friends or comrades. An entire team’s spells might fail, all arrows might turn out to have damaged flights, several Hunteds might show up simultaneously, and so forth.

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