Using Atlantean Spells

Characters are allowed to make multiple-power attacks with two or more spells in the same Multipower if they have a sufficiently large reserve to do so. However, the spells from one Multipower cannot add to or modify the spells in another power, per the standard HERO System rules for Multipowers, unless the GM permits otherwise.

Example: Korudon has paid the following for his Greater Powers Multipowers: his 80-point Air Multipower costs him 8 Character Points; his 100-point Earth Multipower costs him 10 Character Points; his 120-point Fire Multipower costs him 12 Character Points; his 90-point Water Multipower costs him 9 Character Points; his 80-point Light Multipower costs him 16 Character Points; his 60-point Order Multipower costs him 12 Character Points; and his 60-point Arcane Multipower cost him 30 Character Points. Thus, he’s spent a total of 97 points.

The Atlantean Spells section, describes some of the many spells that Atlantean wizards can buy as slots for their Multipowers. However, these are not the only Atlantean spells in existence — in fact, they’re a very small sampling of the total body of Atlantean mystical lore. Characters can, with the GM’s permission (and the Spell Research Skill), create other spells.

The GM should make sure that any spells created are properly defined in HERO System terms, and that they have any necessary and appropriate Limitations — just because the slot cost of a spell is always 1 Character Point doesn’t mean characters should be allowed to design spells without Limitations that those spells ought to have. Among other things, as noted below almost all Atlantean spells must have the Limitations Gestures and Incantations.

Greater Powers spells do not require any sort of Skill Roll to cast (though Impromptu Spells do), nor do they involve the use of materials or appurtenances (i.e., Foci). Atlantean mages are far too powerful and competent to fail at their spellcasting the way other, lesser, spellcasters sometimes do, and they do not require “crutches” to channel their power.

Impromptu Spellcasting

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Using Atlantean Spells

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