Vangkor Package

Vangkor is unique in the world as the only realm held by non-humans. Its inhabitants are the Serpent-Men, reptilian people who’ve lived there ever since either the Lemurians or Atlanteans can remember. When the Lemurians first began to conquer the lands around their archipelago, the Serpent-Men sought alliance with them, and for reasons unclear to the rest of the world received it. Alone of all the provinces of the Empire they have a large measure of self-rule. They must answer to the Priest-King, obey his orders, and send him a yearly tribute, but otherwise can see to their own affairs. In all the years since they joined the Empire, they’ve remained its loyal and helpful subject, often lending their mystic power and insidious cleverness to ensure the success of its enterprises.

Ordinarily the Serpent-Men would prefer lands nearer the equator, but for some reason have settled in and refuse to leave chilly Vangkor. To make their land more comfortable for them, they have used powerful spells to tap sources of underground heat to warm Vangkor. Crossing the border into Vangkor one can easily notice the sudden increase in temperature and humidity. The Vangkoran concept of “hell” is a high place of eternal cold and snow; the Serpent-Men do not care for mountains.

The Serpent-Men have a rich and ancient culture. They organize society into many different classes, and class distinctions are prominent, rigid, and usually unwavering. A Serpent-Men born into a high class has the unquestioned right to abuse, give orders to, and in some cases even kill lesser-ranking Serpent-Men with impunity. The nobles entertain themselves with many strange pastimes, including gladiatorial combats pitting purchased or captured slaves (which are common in Vangkor) against one another or beasts.

The Serpent-Men are known to possess great magical power. Their sorcerers usually wear distinctive skullcaps, and robes of a dull yellow (a color restricted by law to their use) marked with the symbol of their brotherhood, a five-branched rune whose true meaning is known only to them. Most of them are solitary, but a few work in groups of two to seven on a regular basis, and annual conclaves are held in major cities to share lore and fellowship. Circles needed for ritual castings assemble whenever and however the initiating sorcerer can manage it. Sorcerers have high rank within Serpent-Men society, and are usually feared by ordinary Serpent-Men.

The Serpent-Men are ruled by a Vaash-la, a word in their language which translates roughly as “priestking.” The vaash-la is the political leader, war chieftain, and high priest of his people; most of his bureaucrats, government officials, and military officers are priests (or at least have some strong connection to the temple). Substantial “donations” to the temple (and thus ultimately to the vaash-la in most cases) are necessary if an individual Serpent-Man wants to transact significant business with the government (for example, to get the vaash-la’s permission to finance and lead a trade expedition or a slave raid). The current Vaash-la, Taa’thess, is an exceedingly clever Serpent-Man who’s constantly scheming and conniving to obtain greater power, wealth, and influence for himself.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Vangkor 8 -
L: Serpent-Man (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Lemurian (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman, Shepherd – Pick one) 11 -

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Vangkor Package

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