A character with this Perk has a Vehicle of some kind ranging from a flying ship, to a unique magical or magiconstructed mount of some kind.

In Heroic campaigns, characters should pay for normal Vehicles with money. In the Atlantean campaign, characters must buy ‘special’ Vehicles them with Character Points. (See Hero System Rules, page 462 for Vehicle construction rules.)

Vehicles are built with Character Points and can have Disadvantages. The character pays 1 Character Point for each 5 Character Points used to build the Vehicle, excluding points received from Disadvantages (in other words, when calculating the character’s cost, do not include the points the Vehicle receives from Disadvantages). However, this cost only applies as long as the Vehicle’s total points (including Disadvantages) are less than or equal to the total Character Points of the character buying the Vehicle. After this the character must pay 1 Character Point for each Character Point possessed by the Vehicle.

A character can have two times as many Vehicles for + 5 points (i.e., twice as many Vehicles for + 5 points; four times as many for + 10 points, and so on). These additional Vehicles do not have to be identical to the first Vehicle, they just have to be built on the same number of Character Points (or less). For example, a character who’s a Wizard built on 150 Character Points might have four Vehicles each built on 100 points — a flying carpet, an enchanted wagon pulled by ethereal horses, a magiconstructed submersible lobster, and a pair of enchanted Alarii wings.

More than one character can contribute towards a Vehicle. In this case the cheaper rate (1 Character Point per 5 Character Points the Vehicle is built with) applies up to the highest number of Character Points possessed by any of the characters.

If a Vehicle suffers damage, it can be repaired at the rate of 1 BODY per day (the GM may alter this to suit campaign needs if he sees fit). If a Vehicle is destroyed during an adventure, the character can spend the Character Points spent on it to build a replacement (even of another type of Vehicle), again at the rate of 1 BODY per day (the character may not “recover” the spent points and use them to buy something else, if he does not ‘rebuild’ a Vehicle, he loses the points completely).

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