A Woodsman is a woodland warrior, a light fighter or hunter accustomed to spending time in forests and other wilderness areas. He frequently works as a scout or frontier patroller for a king or noble, or he may serve another organization (such as a circle of druids or a temple) as a protector of the wilds. Occasionally Woodsmen specialize in pursuing or hunting certain “prey.” Some are experts at the ways of men, centaur, satyr, lemurian, and other humanoids, while others choose monsters or beasts as their quarry.

Cost Ability
3 + 3 STR
15 + 5 DEX
10 + 5 CON
8 Combat/Penalty Skill Levels (8 points’ worth)
2 AK: home region, or patrolled/protected region 11 -
2 KS: Flora And Fauna 11 -
3 Climbing
3 Stealth
6 Survival (6 points’ worth)
7 Tracking + 2
4 WF: Common Melee Weapons, WF: C ommon Missile Weapons
9 9 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Armoursmith, Charioteering, Climbing, Combat Skill Levels, Deduction, Healing, Courtier, Torture, Oratory, Penalty Skill Levels, Persuasion, Riding, Stealth, Streetwise, Tactics, Tracking, Trading, Weapon Familiarity, Weaponsmith, any Background Skill

Total Cost Of Package: 72


Cost Option
+ 4 Archer Woodsman: Add + 2 OCV with Bows
+ 7 Humanoid Hunter: Add Deadly Blow (+ 1d6 Killing Attack versus Humanoids)
+ 12 Monster Hunter: Add KS: Monstrous Beasts (INT + 2) and Deadly Blow (+ 1d6 versus monsters and fantastic beasts)
+ 7 Woodland Commando: + 4 to Concealment; Self Only (- 1/2), Only In Woodland Environments (- 1) and + 4 to Stealth; Only In Woodland Environments (- 1) (character may substitute any one other environment for woodlands, if preferred)
+ 4 Woodland Wanderer: Add two more AKs at 11 – each

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