Welcome to Atlantis.

Many have heard the story of Atlantis, the island that sank beneath the waves, whose people have ever since lived underwater. But few know of the time before the Cataclysm, when the Dominion of Atlantis used its powerful enchantments to rule most of the world, and its armies clashed with those of the rival empire of Lemuria. It was a time of magic high and deep, when wizards were like unto gods and the gods themselves mingled with mortal men.

But for all its wonders, this is still a world in need of heroes. Powerful magic begets powerful monsters, and only a true hero can hope to oppose and slay them. The Lemurian Empire plots and schemes, hoping to steal the magical secrets of Atlantis for itself and wrest control of the world away from Atlan Vondarien and his nine brothers.

1. History of Atlantis

2. Gods of Atlantis, and Cosmology

3. Maps of Atlantis

4. Character Creation

5. Party

Stacey – Tychosa
The Centaur Air Cavalrywoman, who rides a Sky Manta

Simon – Goulielmakis Trachýs
The Satyr Assassin, with deadly Pan Pipes

Chris – Organnon
The Befuddled old Atlantean Wizard

Mark – Agathon
Atlantean – Devoted Priest of Poseidon

Rob – Sopek
Serpentman Woodsman

Paul – Dagan
the Lupinal Bounty Hunter

Jodie – Triune Glimmerumbra
Wild Mage/Spymistress

A series of misadventures lead the group to accidentally create a Promethean Curse, and only the help of the God of the Oceans can help them. As they raise into the air on their Atlantean ship, a tremendous Tsunami is heading towards Karshemish.

6. Roll of the Dead

Lizzie – Teimi
the Chronologically-Challenged Alchemist [Deceased]

The Pirates Of Atlantis

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