Session 1

Meetings and Agenda’s

After being summoned (through various means and agents) to a nondescript restaurant in the 3rd Stathoi of Atlan’elos, the team met with Polemarchos Trifectus (Triple Commander in Chief) Ikanorosis Techarnios (Ike as he introduced himself), who wished to hire them to secretly scout to secure information regarding possible military moves/build up by the ancient enemy, Lemuria which had been reported in the countries surrounding the Atlantis Island.

It had been proving impossible to confirm the movements through normal means, as the Three Oracles of Mount Vesaria were missing (presumed dead by the Polemarchos – due to no sign of them, and three piles of ash in their temple), so Ike asked the rag-tab bunch of weirdo’s that his intelligence agents had been able to find to scout and return with information. The understanding was, even Lemuria would not be able to accuse Atlantis of stooping THIS low,a s to send out such a collection of oddballs, and thus they have Plausible Deniability.

The Team signed a magically binding contract, which holds them to the letter of the deal, regardless of outside forces. Should the contract be broken, great hardship would befall the breaker of the contract. In exchange for this service, each of the assembled members of the team was given the chance to write in any one thing they wished, into the “payment” section. They almost invariably wrote “a favour”. Great riches were offered, as were new and unique magical items, but the team preferred something more nebulous.

To act as a “front” for the voyage to the far off nation of Karshemish (known colloquially as “Shem”), a nation of thieves and smugglers, they arranged to loan a ship from Ike, and filled it with luxury foodstuffs as cargo. The ship they received was… not in the best shape. It was an Atlantean Flying Vessel, but it was old, highly unstable and in need of much repair. Perfect as a disguise, however.

On the route, they discovered stowaways. Two humanoids, and something that moved like a small quadruped (based on tracks), who had managed to work their way through a quarter of a ton of the foodstuffs. Finding two Lhanese (orientals) and dragging them up on deck, the team started loudly questioning them. The one assumed to be the man was questioned and it was determined (according to him) that they had bought the vessel from a ship salesman, for a large number of Orichalcum Crowns. They had apparently been sleeping in the cargo area, undetected for 4 days, before discovery. And according to the stowaway, believed the crew and cargo had been part of the deal, so had not worried when the ship started to move. The man also said that their child had crawled away and over the side of the ship, and they had lost him.

During this time, the child was arguing loudly with the one assumed to be female, and when the Serpentman attempted to ask the woman a question, she ignored him, being engrossed in her argument with the loud, annoying child. The Serpentman punched her, and then all hell broke loose.

The two of them instantly tensed (granted, one was from pain, but she still tensed), and the atmosphere on the ship turned sharp as a sword. Which incidentally is what the man drew when he turned and attacked the evil Serpentman who had attacked them for no reason. A mighty blow was struck and Tychosa the Centaur tried to get between the parties to calm things down. It didnt work as the Serpentman drew his bow and moved down the deck to get a bead on the Lhanese, who threw his sword at him in frustration. Three arrows later, the man was dead, at which point, Goulielmakis the Satyr crept up behind the woman and stabbed her, killing her outright.

The two corpses were examined and determined to be both male, wearing rags. They both had a satchel made of a finer substance, a woven cloth which seemed to be empty upon first inspection. Goulielmakis stuck his hand inside to search for secret pouches, and found a large orange. Pulling it out, he repeated the process, still looking for a secret pouch, orange after orange came out of the bag, which still appeared empty.

The other bag had the same abilities, and soon, several members of the team were eating fresh oranges, produced by the bag. The Alchemist stripped the corpses, and the priest requested the ship be lowered so he could at least take care of the bodies with due propriety. They landed, and the priest used his magic to cremate the bodies, ensuring they could not be raised as any form of monster, and that their spirits would receive their appropriate afterlife, undisturbed by the mortal world. The wizard used the time to send a minor air spirit to see if they were telling the truth and there was indeed a baby laying broken on the ground along their route. It returned, carrying an infant Lhanese, with significant damage (as if it had fallen a very long way).

They set off again, resuming their course to Shem, and just as they crossed the ocean, they discovered a third adult, Invisble within the cargo bay. The Satyr discovered it, and a quick hands on check determined that it wasnt very well. He lifted it up, and it became visible, a teenager, barely reaching the age of majority, and carried it to the deck (after a minor head bash on the doorframe).
Meanwhile, the blanket that had been found in the Lhanese Stowaway’s ‘den’ was examined, and it too, had similar properties to the Bags. It functioned as a portal, when placed upon a surface. The alchemist made a hook out of part of the ship and lost it when she stuck it through the phased cloth, and something on the other side grabbed it and pulled it through. The wizard then tied a ball of metal to a rope, and tossed it through, and it came back a piece of stone, which he began to question… Wizards are funny like that.

The priest checked the final stowaway and came to the conclusion that she had been poisoned. Unfortunately, with no one proficient in the use of poisons on board the ship {coughs}, the scene faded to black before any more information could be discovered…

End of Session Questions:
1) Rob: is the Woodsman a Psychopath? As he effectively attacked someone for “being busy”.
(I have no problem if he is, but I will plan encounters accordingly…)

2) Lizzie: is the Alchemist a thief? She stripped (and kept) the clothing (and from memory, everything else) from the bodies of the dead.
(Bearing in mind Atlanteans are usually VERY honourable, and take a dim view of thievery – and she is supposedly the grand-daughter of the Atlan…)

3) Simon: how does your Assassin feel about the slaughter of people on a hunch that they were lying? Especially as YOU killed one of them because of a fight the serpentman started? It wasnt a paid hit, and the only person being attacked was the one that attacked them. Is this related in any way to why you have to protect and defend the Husband and child of a previously “bad kill”?

4) Mark: how does the priest feel about a) working for the military, and b) working for a possible priest of Ares? I know you’re not exactly a pacifist, but this appears to be outside of his comfort zone a little.

5) Chris: I have been assuming you have been taking your “Tonic” Daily. Are you aware that by the time you arrive in Shem, Lizzie will not have any more (she said she had 5 doses)? As an additional complication, she does not have her laboratory with her to be able to make more.

6) Stacey: How does Tychosa feel about the undisciplined thugs she has been made to work with? So far, she has witnessed assault, murder and thievery, and that’s before the ship even left the Island’s air-space… You haven’t even got to the hive of scum and villainy, yet.

Despair probably sums it up! She’s used to a bit of order and it’s been chaos from the start. She’s spent some travel time trying to decide how best to deal with these people.
* Tymie: This lady is going to cause trouble if we’re not careful. Probably a case of ‘short-man-syndrome’, but magnified as she also looks like a child. It doesn’t help her case that she also acts like one! I expect a reward system may work with her, but it’ll have to be subtle as she will simply lash out if I appear authoritative. Tricky.
* Organon: I expect I’ll have to keep an eye on him to a degree, as I’m not convinced his ‘carer’ is really cut out for the job. Fortunately it seems as long as he’s lucid he’s amicable and harmless.
* Sopek: Clearly an uncivilised beast when it comes to the crunch. In relaxed situations he seems fine, but I was appalled at his attack on the ship, and unwillingness to back down when told to by myself, a superior. He’ll have to learn his place. I can only have faith in my superiors that he can be trusted.
* Agathon: I’m yet to make up my mind about Agathon. He’s quiet and seems keen to avoid conflict, which is not a bad trait, but will he have our backs when the time comes?
* Goulielmakis: Seems to be a typical assassin, a shady character. I wholeheartedly disapprove, but so far he has done nothing to endanger us. We will see.

7) Paul and Jodie: – I have plans to introduce you guys when they reach their destination. We need some time to talk about what you are doing there and why you join them. That okay by you’s?

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Session 1

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