History of Atlantis

Within these scrolls lays the History of our fair realm, passed down from priest to priest, so that we may never forget where we came from, nor why we rule the world.

a) Origins

b) The Ten Brothers

c) The Age of Exploration

d) The Age of Conquest

e) The Anger of the Gods

f) The First Lemurian War

Today it is 12098 BC

Vondarien is Atlan of the Dominion of Atlantis, the mightiest empire of the world. To comemmorate the Battle of Mt. Akontios he has established a new calendar declaring this the first year. Atlantis enjoys a golden age, her mystic power matched by her political strength. But the world is not as calm as many Atlanteans would believe. The Lemurian Empire remains powerful, Atlantis’s chief enemy and rival. The ambitious Tellats ever seek ways to augment their prestige and power, and in dark Kaphtor sinister magics are at work. It is a world still in need of heroes… heroes such as you.

History of Atlantis

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